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Staged Reading - Who’s on First, Shakespeare?

A Staged Reading of Skits

May 3, 2011 - 8 p.m.


Who’s on First, Shakespeare?
a laugh riot of skits in Actors Ensemble of Berkeley Play Reading Series

Ringmaster                                                         Martha Luehrmann

General Chief and Factotum                         Jerome Solberg

Lights and sound                                              Alecks Rundell

Who’s on First? by Abbott and Costello

Abbott                                                                   Jerome Solberg

Costello                                                                Daniel Bakken

Hu’s the Leader of China? by James Sherman for The Johnny Carson Show

Pres. George W. Bush                                       Daniel Bakken

Condoleeza Rice                                                Krista Carter

Sadie Thinks Baseball is Just a Game, by Paul Rhymer

Sadie                                                                     Krista Carter

Rush (their son)                                                 Clanci Cochran

Vic                                                                          Jerome Solberg

Avon Players Baseball By Wayne and Shuster

Umpire 2                                                              Krista Carter

Umpire 1                                                              Lisa Wang

Manager                                                               Daniel Bakken

Richard                                                                Jose Garcia

Rusty                                                                     Clanci Cochran

Sandy                                                                    Krista Carter

Rocky, captain                                                   Stanley Spenger

Macduff                                                                Jerome Solberg

- - - - < < < short intermission > > > - - - -

Deer Hunting in Berkeley by Martha Luehrmann

Flywheel, Shyster, & Flywheel: episode 12: The Kidnapping, written for the Marx Brothers by Nat Perrin, Arthur Sheekman, George Oppenheimer & Tom McKnight, 1933.

Miss Dimple                                                       Krista Carter

Waldorf T Flywheel (Groucho)                     Jerome Solberg

Emmanuel Ravelli (Chico)                             Lisa Wang

Salesman                                                             Daniel Bakken

Bertram T. Bardwell                                         Jose Garcia

Slim                                                                       Daniel Bakken

Crookley                                                               Clanci Cochran

Policeman                                                           Jose Garcia

Bailiff                                                                    Jose Garcia

Clerk of Court                                                     Krista Carter

Judge                                                                     Stanley Spenger

D.A.                                                                       Jose Garcia

The Plotters from Radio City Playhouse, Oct. 1949, based on an idea by Art Conibere, and written by Harry w. Junkin

Thurston Holloway                                          Jose Garcia

Porter Gordon                                                    Daniel Bakken

Letty (Thurston’s wife)                                    Lisa Wang

Baby (Porter’s wife)                                          Krista Carter

Detective                                                              Clanci Cochran


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