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Staged Reading - Henry VI, Part 3

By William Shakespeare

Staged Reading

Directed by Alecks Rundell

Sunday - November 11, 2012 at  7 p.m.


ONE NIGHT ONLY - $5 - $10 sliding scale

Detailing the events during the War of the Roses immediately preceding that of our main stage production of "Richard III", HENRY VI PART 3 is a complex work that encompasses power, barbarism, family dissolution, and ultimately madness. What fun!

HENRY VI, Part Three

A staged reading, by William Shakespeare

Directed by Alecks Rundell

ONE NIGHT ONLY - Sunday, November 11th, 2012, 7 p.m.

Alecks Rundell (Director) Alecks is very proud to be having his debut as a director of staged readings with Henry VI, Part Three.  He recently conceived and directed Journey of Light, a Glo-Opera, which premiered at Live Oak Theatre and then made a successful run at the SF Fringe Festival.  He has designed the lighting for many productions for the Actors Ensemble, including the current production, Richard III.  He would like to thank all the wonderful actors in this staged reading not only for their fabulous talents, but also for all their input and suggestions that made this such a wonderful production.  Alecks sends his love to Priscilla.

Cast (and Key to the Characters)

Lisa Wang - Warwick - Earl of Warwick, first of the Yorkist and then of the Lancastrian party, is the Duke of York’s great supporter and friend, and later the chief power behind the throne to King Edward, then the instrument of his dethroning.

Susannah Wood  -   York - Richard Plantagenet, Duke of York, head of the Yorkist party. Montgomery - Sir John Montgomery, a loyal Yorkist who, hearing of King Edward’s return, raises a troop and goes to join him at York.

Jacquie Duckworth - Edward - Edward, Earl of March, of the Yorkist party, is later Duke of York and King Edward IV;

Carolyn Day  -  Montague - Marquess Montague,Yorkist and then Lancastrian, is Warwick’s brother and a strong Yorkist, who helps convince York to break his

oath and go back to war. Henry - Henry, Earl of Richmond,  a young boy in whom King Henry sees great promise. He grows up to be the Richmond of RIII. 

Erika Bakse –  Richard - Richard (Duke of Gloucester) of the Yorkist party, is the Duke of York’s third son. Particularly close to his father, he is the most

intelligent and ruthless of the Duke’s sons.

Martha Luerhmann  - Norfolk - Duke of Norfolk  of the Yorkist party, is one of the Duke of York’s supporters. He stays loyal after York breaks his oath and after his death, joining Edward. Father - A Father That Has Killed His Son, fought hard in the battle of Towton and is intent on getting all the riches off his victim’s body when he discovers that the dead man is his son. Second Keeper - Second Gamekeeper ,out hunting deer with his fellow when they come across King Henry. Lieutentant - Lieutenant of the Tower, charged with caring for King Henry when he is imprisoned, and treats the royal captive well.

Satya Starr  - King Henry - King Henry the Sixth, head of the Lancastrian party, is Margaret’s husband, Prince Edward’s father, and the desperately peace-  loving monarch of a war-torn country.

Marlene Yarosh -    Northumberland - Earl of Northumberland, of the Lancastrian party, is a powerful Northern supporter of King Henry. Though he despises the Duke of York, he ends up moved by his suffering. 

Natalie Knipe - Clifford - Lord Clifford, of the Lancastrian party, is the Young Clifford of Henry VI, Part Two. He is an angry and vindictive man, bent only on revenging his father’s death at Yorkist hands, and determined to slaughter the entire family of York. 

Darcy Reed - Westmorland - Earl of Westmorland , begins as a strong supporter of King Henry, but he is disgusted at what he sees as the latter’s defeatism and weakness and abandons him. Messenger - Oxford Messenger, of the Lancastrian party, lets the Earl of Warwick know where his master and his forces are.

Dale Allen Poland  -  Exeter - Duke of Exeter, Lancastrian and then Yorkist, is at first a supporter of Henry, but admits that York’s claim to the throne is unanswerable. 

Stanley Spenger  -  Queen Margaret - Queen Margaret, of the Lancastrian party, is King Henry’s wife, the mother of his son Prince Edward, and the strongest defender of his cause.

Elysia Starrr  -  Prince - Edward, Prince of Wales, of the Lancastrian party, is the son of Henry VI and his Queen, Margaret. He is very much his mother’s son,  haughty, stubborn, and quick to insult. 

Sara Renauer  -  Tutor - Tutor to Rutland, of the Yorkist party, is the Earl of Rutland’s teacher, a deeply loyal man. First Keeper - First Gamekeeper,out hunting deer with his fellow when they come across King Henry. Messenger - Norfolk Messenger, of the Yorkist party, is sent by his master to ask Warwick for help against Queen Margaret. Watchman - Second Watchman, of the Yorkist party, is one of the sentries guarding King Edward as he sleeps in his tent.  

Mary Kidwell  -  Rutland - Edmund, Earl of Rutland, of the Yorkist party, is the York’s youngest son, a boy still being tutored and too young to fight.  Messenger - Second Yorkist Messenger, witnesses the capture and torment of York, and runs to tell the York brothers that their father's head is on top of the gates of York and their younger brother has been killed. Oxford - Earl of Oxford, of the Lancastrian party, is a supporter of King Henry who follows Queen Margaret to France 

Claire Shiell  -  Son - A Son That Has Killed His Father, of the Lancastrian party, was forced into serving in King Henry’s army. Messenger - Warwick's Messenger, brings his master news that King Edward has escaped from custody. Somerset - Duke of Somerset, first Yorkist and then Lancastrian, son of Somerset of Part Two, whose head Richard carries at the start of Three. MayorThe Mayor of York, a peaceloving old man who doesn’t want to cause trouble. 

Jill Shmitz  -  Clarence - George (Duke of Clarence), Yorkist, then Lancastrian, then Yorkist again, is the Duke of York’s second son. 

Cameron Dodd  -  Messenger - First Yorkist Messenger, comes to warn the Duke of York that Queen Margaret has raised an army Messenger - Second Lancastrian Messenger, brings Queen Margaret the news that Edward and his army are nearby and ready for battle.

Al Badger  -  Messenger - First Lancastrian Messenger, brings news to Margaret that the Yorkist army is on the march and that York is being proclaimed King. Nobleman - Nobleman, of the Yorkist party, comes to inform King Edward that King Henry has been captured. Soldier - Yorkist Soldier, reads out the official proclamation of Edward’s claim to the throne at the gates of York.

Tim Bishop  - Lady Grey - Lady Grey , of the Yorkist party, is an attractive widow who has lost her lands when her husband was killed fighting for York. 

Meira Perelstein  - King Lewis - Lewis the Eleventh, King of France, the son of the Dauphin of Henry VI, Part One. Watchman - Third Watchman, of the Yorkist party, is one of the sentries guarding King Edward as he sleeps in his tent. Huntsmen - Huntsman, of the Lancastrian party, is charged with guarding King Edward in his captivity, even as they go hunting.  

Jeffrey Trescott  -   Bona - Lady Bona, King Lewis’s sister, and a valuable pawn in the political marriage game.

Norah Foster  -   Post - Post, brings over the mail from England to the French court, and is sent back to tell King Edward just how it was received, and to bring the defiance of the French Hastings, Margaret, and Warwick to him. He is scared of losing his head for repeating their messages to Edward. Watchman - First Watchman, of the Yorkist party, leads the sentries guarding King Edward as he sleeps in his tent. Sir John Somerville - Sir John Somerville, of the Lancastrian party, is a follower of Warwick’s, sent to call Clarence for help.

Tina Rutsch  -   HastingsLord Hastings, of the Yorkist party, is a supporter of King Edward’s who believes that the only defense England needs against France is the English Channel, and that therefore considerations of foreign policy have nothing to do with the King’s marriage.

Emmy PierceRivers - Lord Rivers, of the Yorkist party, is the Lady Gray’s brother, raised to the nobility after his sister becomes   Mortimer - Sir John Mortimer, of the Yorkist party, is the Duke of York’s uncle.

Directed by Alecks Rundell, who most recently had his spectacle of light and dance Journey of Light featured at the SF Fringe Festival. Performed as a staged reading, one night only, Sunday, November 11th at 7 p.m. $5-$10 sliding scale, at Live Oak Theatre, just down the street from Berkeley's Gourmet Ghetto.

Sunday - November 11, 2012, 7 p.m.

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