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Beware the Ides of Adar

By Deborah Bodin Cohen
Directed by Michael R. Cohen (no relation)
February 21st, 2021
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Actors Ensemble, in Cooperation with Temple Beth Hillel, present a Zoom Reading of Beware the Ides of Adar, a Shakespearean Purim Spiel.

The play by Deborah Bodin Cohen will be directed by Michael R. Cohen (no relation). Featuring Geoffrey Colton, Don Hardwick, Bruce Kaplan, David Neufeld, Caroline Portante, Ayelet Schrek, and Reyna Velarde. The reading will be followed by a Temple Beth Hillel Purim Celebration*

Sunday, February 21, 2021
4:00 PM PST

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* All are welcome to attend, but there will be an interval during which one can leave gracefully


“The play's the thing to catch the conscience of the king.” King Ahasuerus, that is. Beware the Ides of Adar: A Shakespearean Purim Shpiel retells the Book of Esther through the words of William Shakespeare. Composed nearly entirely of verses from Shakespeare’s plays and sonnets, Beware the Ides of Adar captures the drama, intrigue and emotion of the Book of Esther. With humor and wit, Beware the Ides of Adar is a clever read for Shakespeare enthusiasts and students of the Bible alike. As a Purim Shpiel, Beware the Ides of Adar can be easily produced with eight speaking parts and simple set and prop requirements. Staging suggestions are included at the back of the book. Classic artwork by Rembrandt and others illustrates the text. Whether staged as a shpiel or simply read for enjoyment, Beware the Ides of Adar is a beautifully presented tribute to the Book of Esther and Shakespeare  --- Publishers Description.

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Actors Ensemble of Berkeley is delighted to acknowledge the Berkeley Civic Arts Program and Civic Arts Commission's support in the form of a grant of $8,000.00 awarded in 2017. Also, a thank you to Theatre Bay Area for a grant of $2,500.00.

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