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Fortinbras - Opens July 2, 2022

by Lee Blessing
directed by Michael R. Cohen
Sat/ Sun - July 2nd - July 17th  at 4 p.m.
Plus Monday, July 4th

John Hinkel Park Amphitheater

Fortinbras is the story of what happened after Hamlet - the sequel, if you prefer.  In the story, Fortinbras has been granted via Hamlet's dying words the key to the kingdom of Denmark.  Upon arriving and being told the story of lust, betrayal, murder, suicide, and just plain old dithering, Fortinbras decides this story won't do for his plan to consolidate his power, and orders Horatio and his underlings to make up a new, better, more noble and palatable story as to how he obtained his position.  The ghosts of Hamlet come back to haunt Fortinbras, in order to force him to let the truth be told.  A humorous tale, but one with a real message for our times - the importance of the TRUTH!

Michael R. Cohen is the president of Actors Ensemble, and veteran director in the Bay Area at both Actors Ensemble and Ross Valley Players.  He last directed The Skin of Our Teeth for Actors Ensemble back in 2019, and just recently finished directing the Ross Alternative Works play The Packrat Gene.

Actors Ensemble is the longest-running theatre organization in Berkeley, founded in 1957. We aim to produce quality theatre emphasizing the ensemble, with a community flavor.

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