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Actors Ensemble Philosophy

Actors Ensemble of Berkeley Philosophy - 1977 (from archives)

We regard theater as a medium of entertainment, an opportunity for reflection, a stimulus for change. We view acting as a form of communication which requires actors to interact with one another and with their audience. For this reason, we are dedicated to the idea of an acting company as an ensemble: a group of equals working together to give life to a playwright's ideas.

We see the fields of acting, directing, design and technical work in the theater as honorable crafts, requiring training, dedication, hard work and respect for the theater and for one's fellows. We also recognize in the theater a source of recreation, delight, satisfaction and the possibility of real community. While we encourage professionalism and welcome the participation of professionals, ours is primarily a theater for non-professionals. All the actors volunteer their time and their talents to present Actors Ensemble's plays. To develop the skills of our performers, we sponsor classes in acting and in dance.

We select plays which give participants the chance to amplify their theater skills and to develop their capacities for communication. We hope to entertain our audiences, to stimulate and touch them, and to affect their lives. We believe that the community of artists and the community of audience members are one and the same. The people on our mailing list are notified of classes and auditions as well as performances. A sign-up sheet for the mailing list is available at every performance.

Actors Ensemble is governed by a volunteer board of directors. New members of the board are recruited from among participants in our productions. As in the case with almost all performing arts groups, paid admissions defray only a percentage of our operating expenses. Your contributions are eagerly sought to help us meet present demands and to face the future with confidence.

Actors Ensemble is a COMMUNITY theater. We encourage your participation.

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Thank You

Actors Ensemble of Berkeley is delighted to acknowledge the Berkeley Civic Arts Program and Civic Arts Commission's support in the form of a grant of $8,000.00 awarded in 2017. Also, a thank you to Theatre Bay Area for a grant of $2,500.00.

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