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Request for Proposals for 2021/2022

Actors Ensemble of Berkeley (AE), is soliciting proposals for readings, workshops, and (looking forward to 2022) full productions.

We anticipate these productions will be online in the short term, but as conditions change it may be possible to shift to an in-person format. All are welcome to submit. Actors Ensemble especially encourages applications from women, BIPOC, new directors and those returning to theatre after a hiatus.  The deadline for the initial round of proposals is May 1st, though further rounds are anticipated. Readings and workshops may (and have in the past) beget a full production sometime in the future.

If you are interested in directing a production with us but are flexible as regards scripts, AE would be happy to suggest some possibilities - write us!

A reading is classified as something rehearsed 1-3 times with limited or non-existent technical elements.

A workshop is classified as something rehearsed 5-10 times with some technical elements such as costumes, sound, digital backgrounds, and managed use of screens and microphones.  For productions where the rights situation allows, AE would like to record the production for later hosting via our Youtube account.

All of these proposals are intended for a production in front of an audience, either virtual or as conditions permit, in-person.

All selected proposals for online workshop/readings will receive to following from AE:

  • Zoom webinar license.
  • Promotional support from our website, email list, and social media.
  • Access to AE’s storage of costumes, props, and scenic elements.
  • Ticketing and other support

Director's expense reimbursement of $100

Readings will receive from AE:

  • Performance Licensing for 1 performance.
  • Production budget of $100 - $300.

Workshops will receive from AE:

  • Performance Licensing for 2 performances.
  • Production budget of $300 - $600.

"Performance Licensing" is those fees required through the publishing house, e.g. Samuel French, Dramatists, etc. Production budgets are intended to include expense compensation evenly divided among all participating artists, though equitable adjustments may be made based upon time commitments, and also include props, costumes, and scenic elements.

Production budgets as well as expense compensation for in-person productions, both readings, workshops, and main stage productions are unclear at this point in time, and depend in part upon what venue(s) we are able to obtain going forward.

If the script is an original work or one for which there is no licensing fee, the playwright should be included in the Production Budget. Stage Managers are also considered participating artists. Production budgets may also be used to purchase props, costumes, or scenic backgrounds if needed. Teams are advised that workshops and readings are not expected to be fully realized productions and may have a work in progress or unpolished look.

Tickets will be free with suggested donations. Donations above direct costs will be shared with the artists.

Submission proposal requirements:

  • Title
  • Playwright
  • Licensing holder, fees (including what is necessary to provide scripts to actors) and restrictions (including casting)
  • Actor breakdown
  • Number of actors needed
  • Requirements (gender, ethnicity, etc...). A short description of each character is helpful. This is a description of the character as played, not necessarily of the actor taking on the role.
  • Note AE has a general policy: “We regularly cast cross-gender and cross-type, and we actively seek folks of all ages, races, genders, and persuasions to audition”, however licensing restrictions may place restrictions on casting.
  • Anticipated non-artistic costs
  • Broad concept (if any)
  • Short persuasion (why this is a good choice or what you like about it)
  • Director resume or other theatrical resume
  • Potential timeline or time restrictions


  • Ongoing video submissions. Actors can submit at any time. Use a Google form to submit contact info, HS, resume, audition form, and link to a video file. For each production, an audition notice will be prepared and actors will be given a minimum of 1 week to submit.
  • Directors may invite actors to audition, however all actors must submit the audition materials before the deadline. Our database of actors will be provided to the director.  These will all be non-AEA productions.
  • Actors who have submitted for a previous production need not resubmit their video, headshot, and resume. However they will be asked to fill out the audition form (which includes necessary legal waivers, etc.)
  • We aim to be equitable in casting, taking the meaning of equitable broadly. This\ includes casting newer actors, or actors who have not performed recently, where possible..
  • Callbacks are up to directors.


  • Directors will have their submission acknowledged within 2 days, and will be notified of acceptance/rejection or otherwise within 4 weeks or less.
  • Scheduling will be determined based upon the volume of submissions and available resources.

How to submit:

Prepare the above elements and send them via email to 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Plain text, PDF, or Word documents are accepted.  Proposals for round 1 will be accepted up until 11:59 PM PDT, May 1st, 2020

Thank You

Actors Ensemble of Berkeley is delighted to acknowledge the Berkeley Civic Arts Program and Civic Arts Commission's support in the form of a grant of $8,000.00 awarded in 2017. Also, a thank you to Theatre Bay Area for a grant of $2,500.00.

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