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The Knight of the Burning Pestle - The Mercury News Review

Review: Berkeley park serves up free laughs with classic farce

Below are a few excerpts from the review.

Actors Ensemble’s production is adapted by board member Vicki Siegel, who wrote two musicals that the company staged in past years, “A Hot Day in Ephesus” and “What Do Women Want? — The Marriage of Sir Gawain.” Director Lelan Fernando gives it a pleasingly lively staging in which the interlopers steal the show in every way.

Alexander Espinosa Pieb is entertainingly enthusiastic as Rafe, the grocer’s apprentice, taking on his ludicrous heroic role with gusto. Lee Vogt is amusingly boorish and overbearing as the grocer, who doesn’t care how much his demands foul up the play. Most hilarious of all is Marsha van Broek as the grocer’s wife, who constantly feels the need to intervene with the characters as if they were real people, trying to correct their plot-driven misunderstandings and interfering when characters she feels sorry for lose — and it’s always the ones that are supposed to lose.

Review: Berkeley park serves up free laughs with classic farce

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